Genomic & Bioinformatics Analysis Resource (GenBAR)

Genomics & Bioinformatics Analysis Resource (GenBAR)

GenBAR is a Columbia University core facility supported by the Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons (VP&S) Office of Research. It is open to all Columbia faculty, research scientists, and students. This core facility uses the Core Management software (iLab) to submit service requests. 

Bioinformatics Team

The GenBAR Bioinformatics team is responsible for processing Next Generation Sequencing data by using standardized best practices pipelines. All exome and genome samples are processed using a consistent alignment and variant calling pipeline.

Services Provided:


  • Whole Genome Data processing
  • Whole Exome Data processing
  • Informatics/IT project support
  • Long-term storage of whole genome sequencing data*
  • Long-term storage of whole exome sequencing data*
  • Short-term storage of whole genome sequencing data*
  • Short-term storage of whole exome sequencing data*
  • Data delivery of Whole Genome sequencing data under a Data Transfer Agreement
  • Data delivery of Whole Exome sequencing data under a Data Transfer Agreement

*Note: fees waived for samples designated as Columbia “control” samples.


ATAV (Analysis Tool for Annotated Variants) Database Queries

  • Exome-wide association analysis. Perform case-control association studies of rare coding variants from whole exome or whole genome sequencing data of single nucleotide variants by gene- and region-based collapsing analysis. Includes standard sample quality control checks, genetic ancestry estimation, statistical analysis of rare variant enrichments, and a report summarizing the research findings. Analyses can be performed using standard gene-based collapsing methods or ancestry-clustered testing which can be helpful for mixed ancestry cohorts. Additional charges may be applied for projects that require customized computational methods.
  • Automated diagnostic report of sample sequencing data (raw ATAV output)
  • Data look-up in ATAV


If you have any questions, please contact [email protected].

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