Precision Medicine and Society Graduate Fellows

One of the PMEPC’s aims is to engage with the next generation of precision medicine scholars. The Fellows represent a broad cross-section of departments at both the Morningside Campus and the Medical Center.

Fellows attend all of the public events and take an active role in subsequent working group discussions. At each working group meeting, a team of Fellows lead the discussion and pose a series of questions to the visiting scholar.

At the end of the meeting, the same group summarizes the discussion in the format of a blogpost (that are posted on our website). The Graduate Fellows (recipients listed below) are also mentored by the co-directors of the PMEPC throughout the year to develop a publishable manuscript based on research they conducted throughout the year.

They then present their work at a mini-conference and submit their final papers for peer-review journal soon after that.

Sonia Mendoza-Grey, Student, Mailman School of Public Health, Sociomedical Sciences

Larry Au, Student, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Sociology

Diana Garofalo, PhD Student, Epidemiology, Mailman School of Public Health

Amy Weissenbach, Student, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Sociology

Irina Kulichenkova, Graduate Student, Narrative Medicine

Sunny Jones, Graduate Student, Systems Biology

Bella Horton (Sociomedical Sciences)

Bree Martin (Genetic Counseling)

Sarah Adelman (Population & Family Health)

Clare Casey (Anthropology)

Colby Lewis (Biostatistics)

Supriya Kapur (Sociomedical Sciences)

Yanglu Chen (Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons)

Ari Galper (Sociology)